I just don’t understand

How can the love that once was

Be the last thing that is thought of

Some people may call me a fool

And a sucker too

But I will always love you

I love hard so I can’t

Just turn my love off

Like a light switch

Or just forget about it

As if it never existed

When I love I mean it

My love runs deep

Like a beautiful blue sea

Or like space that’s never ending

You will forever mean so much to me

I don’t wish you bad luck

Or hate you ever

My only wish is that

We had spent more time together

However some is better than none

Everything happens for a reason

Sadly we were only

Meant for a short season

It’s okay

We will understand why someday

The love that we had was strong

I still miss you everyday

Won’t erase or get rid of

Anything that reminds me of us

Poems, music, videos

Pictures, old morning hot texts and gifts

The distance made things hard

I couldn’t stand it

So I ended it

It’s hard to let go

I will admit it

The woman that I am

So devoted

True love doesn’t have an ego

I still love you so

You got me to open up like a rose

Feel the warmth of love

Like sun rays against my skin

Filled an empty void

That was in my broken heart

Every word that I say is true

I have move on

You don’t have to be with a person

To love them

Truly this I believe

Because I am experiencing the feeling

You will remain special for an eternity

From now until forever

Thoughts of you will always make me happy

You will forever mean so much to me



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