I am the last person

That anyone would

Call shy

That is why

I’m so bold

When I speak freely

About your smile

It’s picture perfect

One that no one

Could ever forget

Even if they tried

To do it

It’s one of a kind

I’ll admit it

I can think of

Words to describe it

That could go on for miles

Your smile

Has it’s very own style

That will not

Go outdated for a very long while

You could just

Put your smile on

And there is no need

For anything else

You don’t even

Need to get overly dressed

Your smile will impress


It’s all you need

Nothing more

Nothing less

I can not stress

The importance

For me to thank God

For blessing me

To be able to see

Such beauty

There are over a million

Words that I could use

To describe it

But for now I’ll just use one


Your smile

Is simply the best

It is picture perfect

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