Problems lay

On my heart

Heavy they weigh

I thank  You God for prayer

It takes the problems away

The moment that I pray

Every layer of trouble

Even the feelings that comes with them

Like life being unfair or despair

Suddenly it all disappears

I thank God for prayer

I thank God for letting me know

That He cares

I thank God for always being there

At times I too can become blind

To all the hurt that gets inside

What helps me to survive

Is knowing that God is on my side

Then the pain soon subside

It is never too hard for me

To get on my knees

Because I believe

In God truly

Any pride that tries to start

Has to leave

God Your love is all that I need

Thank You God for listening to my prayers

Thank You God for allowing me to cast my cares

Thank You God so much for

The power of prayer

It helps me to have to courage

To stand tall

And knowing in my heart

That You God will never

Allow me to fall




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