This is a sad thing to say

But there are people standing around

Waiting for me to cave

Crazy as may sound it’s okay

Because they will be

Waiting forever in a day

The moment something special

Happens in my life

Like a relationship

They delay to congratulate and

Wish for me to encounter heartbreak

What a disgrace

They will never see

No frown or tears on my face

They won’t see me crumble

If I have a slight stumble

I’ll carry it like the

Superbowl performance by Beyoncé

Keeping my balance

And dance stepping with grace

I don’t care what I go through

Or what comes my way

I am not a slave

To choices, disappointments or mistakes

Failure is a sign of trying

Therefore I’m doing great

I am brave

I will behave

I am in control like Janet

And I will not stray

From God’s protection

By acting with the hate

That some have towards me

I will have what’s destined to

Which isn’t by human being

But by God Almighty

So nothing bothers me

Not focused too much on what I’m getting

Eventually it’s going to happen

Just waiting to see

So in God I am trusting

My faith is like Superman Baby

Man of Steel

Ready for what the future reveals

Thankful for all of the eyes on

Call me 2Pac

Foes, friends and family

They can continue to watch

God said that He would

Prepare a table before my enemies

My strength will sustain

Negative things will not

Make it go away

Therefore I will not cave



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