It’s not in the mirror

Or on the outside

For you to see

It’s in the inside and

It’s visible for all to see

It doesn’t matter

How pretty you are

Because inside beauty

Is only skin deep

It’s beneath layers

Of skin, muscle, and bone

It stands alone

It’s all you need

Not name brand clothes

The inside makes you

Yeah it’s true

The heart, lungs, and brain

Are all inside of you

There are other important parts too

When the body begins to age

It isn’t the same

The things on the outside

Begins to change

Looks fade away

The body begins to wrinkle

It looks different to people

Inside beauty never fades

Because  what is on the inside remains

If it does change

It just gets better with age

It gets better over time

Like a very fine wine

Or a valuable painting’s worth

There’s nothing like it

On the planet earth



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