When a person decides to come to Christ one most keep in mind that we are to be like Christ and that we are not Him. There will be times when we will fall and we will make mistakes. We are not perfect. It’s important to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters. At the same time inspiring others I never want to be the reason why a fellow brother or sister turn away from Christ.

The whole point of me making this blog is to encourage people while discussing various topics that are rarely talked about. On this blog many things will be covered like relationships, marriage, divorce, dating online, social media, TV, music, parenting etc. All these things will be from a Christian point of view and I will also look to the Bible for answers as well. Situations still occurs in everyone one of our lives I just put my faith in Christ and allow Him to lead me. Sometimes it can get hard but I continue to press on. I believe with all that I endured it will inspire many. I am a Christian and I am proud of it.

I am so excited to start my journey as a blogger. Great things will come from this as I pray that many will read it and be lifted as well as encouraged

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