Growing up I had a Christian up bring my mother was strict however I didn’t mind it. The way that I was brought up is the reason why I am who I am today. My mother and father separated when I was a very child about five years old. My father was Not a Christian and on top of that he was physically and mentally abusive. Some of the fights between my parents were so bad that I can still remember them vividly. Yet as a Christian my mother stuck by my father because of her faith. This is something to really think about. Being a Christian person in an abusive relationship when  does one throw in the towel? The Bible says to forgive and God doesn’t like divorce it’s a tough situation. Still I believe that God would not want anyone to remain with an abusive partner. Well my mother was finally brave enough to leave my father.

My mother was a very strong woman that had endured a tremendous amount of heartache and pain. She was brought up in a foster home and later got involved with my dad. However through it all she loved God and she wasn’t a hateful person she was very loving. The faith that she had is the reason why I am a strong believer in Christ her faith was unshakeable. In fact she was one of the best mothers that had ever lived. I had so much respect for her even though my father wasn’t good she never spoke negative about him at all something that I inherited from her as well. One day when she and I were riding in the car I had to have been sixteen years old  I asked why did she stay with my father for as long as she did? Her response was that she kept hoping that he would change and that she was trying to give us a home, be family. Inside not to her face of course I was like” I would had left.”  I learned from experience that what I thought as a teen about leaving an abusive relationship or marriage is easier said than done. I later got into an abusive relationship with my children’s father. No one goes out looking for a person that will abuse them sadly things happen.

In my mind everything that is bad can be made into something good. I truly believe that once we forgive people that God can heal the situation and handle people the way that they need to be dealt with. God’s ways are perfect and I don’t blame Him for any of the hardships that occurred in my life and neither did my mother. She removed herself from toxic situations so her children could grow up with a healthy up bring. For me there are so many questions that I have about situations pertaining to marriage that are abusive or a  partner that is a cheater etc.First it’s all about praying to God about a potential partner and analyzing them as well. Many times we see the red flags but ignore them it’s important to bare in mind that it’s okay to be picky and not to compromise when we are seeking a partner. It’s important to not allow being lonely to be the cause of making a avoidable mistake. Long time ago many thought meeting people in a church was a great place over the years that became a fantasy. Anyway church is a place to worship not hook up it’s not a bar. We have to keep our eyes peeled and ears open to God’s voice He knows what’s best. The bible says not to be in a hurry for nothing. All we have to do is trust and know that He has the best for us that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

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